all five are alive. 

So, whoops. We sort of fell off the face of the webz. 

On my last post I was talking about Shayna being pregnant and yada yada. 

February 8th started as a normal day. Shay had been texting me about some discomfort and prego stuff. I told her to keep calling the doc, for ideas on how to combat that. Not our first kid, we usually got this but she was six weeks out and this wasn’t normal cramping. 

I get a call at like 1pm. “Chad, you need to come home I’m having the baby” read that again in a panicked, holyshitwhatshappening voice. 

Now, I’m prefacing this letting you know this is a highly condensed version. 

I friggan race home. It’s a snowstorm. I drive as fast as my four wheel drive will let me. 45 min away, on the highway, I can make it.  I got a call halfway through…. It’s my mother.  Shayna was raced to the hospital in an ambulance,  barely made it time. Within 15 minutes had the little baby girl. I was still driving. 

Woah, awesome! What next? Six weeks early. Umm…

I’ll tease you and say we had to transfer hospitals. But what a shit show. More to come, and I’ll let you know my Dadness came out and body slammed doctors.  


lemon-lime sucks.

Shayna is pregnant with our third baby girl and we are over the moon excited. This pregnancy has proven more challenging than the first two only because I’m actually sent out on food missions. This has never happened before, I’m such a newbie that I feel like a first time dad. She discovers a craving and it’s my job to fulfill said craving. I’m normally spot on and can find what she’s looking for. Or I’ll nip it in the bud and preemptively purchase what I know she likes. I’m good at that, but every once in a never while I can’t do it. Last night. Couldn’t make it happen. I failed her. My beautiful bride that’s bore two amazing girls already, and she NEEDS fuel for the new baby.

I had to run out last night to grab some stuff at a pals house. Heading out the door she asks. “Can you grab one of those lemon-lime slushy things at a gas station”

Easy request, I got this.

I leave my friends house and head to the gas station that will most likely have it. I walk up to the wall of fountain drinks and frozen treats. They have a designated machine of six frozen drink concoctions.
Blue raspberry- nope
Green apple -nope
Watermelon blast something- nope
(This isn’t looking good.)
Cherry – seriously? Nope
Mixed berry bullshit – nope
Cola- what the %#&$

I gaze around the place and pray another machine will punch me in the face. I look for anything close to lemon lime, easiest flavor in the world. Zilch. I leave in a panic thinking of another gas station that might have it. I drive. Drive some more. I end up at four other shitty places that won’t let me become tonight’s hero. In defeat, I call her (mind you I’m supposed to be out for a quick trip, like 10 minutes tops. It’s been a half hour) I ask her if she wants anything else and tell her that I’m not the man she thought I was and how I can’t believe lemon lime was wiped off the face of the earth. She says no, come home. Obviously. I walked into the house, head held low and then remembered, I’m sure there will be another chance to be hubs of the night.

Lesson learned:  lemon lime is more valuable than gold and no one has it.


calm down.

Shit gets busy man. Life is busy, busier, and busiest. (Pause) Life is spectacular. I find myself in the thick of the full bore craziness reminding myself how great we have it. By no means are we financially wealthy. Yet still We don’t need for anything. I have a warm roof for my family, they always have healthy food to eat. Warm showers. Not one, but two super reliable vehicles. My wife is able to stay home with our children.  I don’t usually enjoy talking about the ‘things’ we have because frankly things suck. We don’t need things and I’m not a person to boast. I have a healthy self esteem but I don’t like to make other people feel down because I may have more. We’re blessed.

Back to my point. When I’m scrambling to get going in the morning and rush rush rushing it’s hard to SLOW THE &@&! DOWN.  When I’m having a ‘bad’ morning because the line was long at the coffee shop. Or traffic is filled with new drivers. I really hate when I have to stop fast and my lunch creates a new interior in my truck. (Happened this morning. Ergo topic on calming the &$&! Down.)

You better be internally smirking because you have the same issues.

Having peace is a huge part of Shayna and    My life. In relationship with each other and inviting Jesus in our marriage.  it’s a comfort that many miss out on. It gives us the ability to slow down and keep calm and carry on.

I wasn’t able to go to band practice last night. I was bummed. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing rock music. (Our name is Twin Grizzly, you now have to listen. We’re on Spotify and Facebook or listen free Here )

Had to skip out on music because Saylor was sick when I got home from work.

Shayna goes to a workout group one night a week and it’s daddy daughter time.

Last night I came home with some delightful Thai food and walked into a battle zone. Saylor is sick on the couch, Evelyn is crying for mommy and my brother and sister-in law with their 6 month old baby were ready to leave.

Okay, thanks, have a great night. Bye.

Loaded Saylor with 3 essential oils. (Peppermint to axe the fever,  a blend called breathe to help her slow down and open her airways and a blend called ‘on guard’ on her feet to boost her immune system )Made her drink a glass of water.  Had her take some natural cough medicine. she had a teaspoon of raw honey. Out in minutes. Diffused more breathe by her bed for good measure.

Then trying to get a whiny two year old who misses her older sister and mommy to eat. Hahah, she. literally. couldn’t. even.

But all in all life is good. God is good. Saylor woke up feeling way better. No more fever, cough is almost gone. She made sure to make up for not being able to talk about her day last night, at breakfast this morning.

I haven’t done this before so sit back and soak this in.

Slow down. Take a step back. Stay calm and remind yourself how good life is. And if you’re one of those people who can only focus on the negative. Email me, we’ll fix it.

Have a great weekend. God bless you.



typical mainer.

short but sweet.

Maine is snow in the winter. And I’m really okay with it. People often bitch about the snow, but not our family. We like the outdoors. If it’s snowing in April you’ll hear me grumble, but not January. I got to be the a/typical Mainer this weekend. Driving my 4wheel drive SUV through piles of snow for fun then get home for driveway cleanup. Toss on a sweatshirt and carhart bibs and good to go. Snow-blowed the driveway while the kids and Shayna played in the yard with the neighbors and the dogs. Made a path to the chicken run and switched over to a shovel for more cleanup. It got warm out, I’m talking like 30 degrees. Heatwave. I had to lose the sweatshirt, finished clean up. Off to my parents house to clean up more snow. I always recommend a nice local micro-brew beer for Maine-scaping, its obligatory.


pawnshops sell false teeth.

Pawnshops sell false teeth. Dentures. Ya know, teeth molded for a specific person and then we buy them and put them on display to freak people out. Mainly they get odd ball comments and people do the ew face. But there are those rare blood moon nights that a person asks to try them on.

Game time.

We gladly will sell someone a pair of dentures to improve their life. But there’s a catch.

When selling a pair of dentures, you cant laugh. I’m serious. Stop chuckling. You have to keep a straight face and not embarrass them. 9 times out of 10 they want a mirror to check out the new chiclets. That’s the hard part obviously. Picture it. Someone picked up a pair of dentures (we clean them don’t worry) pops them in their mouth. Asks for a mirror. Swishes them around, does a couple test bites and either says, I’ll take them or spits them out and says not a good fit. You. Can’t. Laugh.  If you do, you lose.

I never lose.




It’s hard sometimes to log onto Facebook or Instagram and see everybody’s perfect lives (eye roll) with their perfect children (eye roll)  in their perfect, beautiful, homes (big eye roll) and not to realize that those pictures and words are just snapshots of a bigger picture. If you could zoom out from the sublime photo that they chose to show the world you would typically see something that looks more like the lives we all live.. ordinary, messy, imperfect. 

Contentment isn’t something that a lot of people live with, but it’s special, it’s important and its necessary in order to feel happy and fulfilled. If you can wake up every morning and say ‘THANK YOU’ &  have gratitude for everything that you have, even the seemingly small things that are easily taken for granted  it changes everything. A grateful, content heart is a happy heart.

I’m not saying that I don’t have wants, or that I’m perfect at feeling content, I’d love a bigger home for my growing family, I’d love a bigger number in my savings account, but I am so grateful for the things that I have been blessed with. My soul is happy being a stay at home mom, my heart is full when my family is around me and my girls are giggling and being silly with their daddy. I want more moments like that. I want to be able to see the amazing in every single day & it’s a work in progress. Just think about how the world would be if more people were content, and less people were whining about all that they don’t have. Thats a place I want to live.

While I worked on this the Jack Johnson song “I’ve got you” came on… pretty fitting. The song says “I’ve got you, I’ve got everything.” I think that’s the goal. Happiness is what you make it. Learn to be happy & full with what you have and any extra will be just that… extra.






dad’s perspective on co-sleeping, I sleep in bed with three ladies.

Shayna and I try and live a simplistic life. Did I mention we live in Maine (I like to brag about that) She’s talked about her ‘crunchy momness’

One aspect of our lifestyle is our view on co-sleeping. I don’t care your thoughts on the subject, I’m just expressing our experience with discovering attachment parenting and co-sleeping. 

It all starts with your first born, make or break a guy/dad/girl/mom/marriage. No joke, looking back, you cannot be prepared for that shit storm to come beautifully into your life. Our first born, Saylor (not Sarah, she’s always correcting people. Silly adults.) we wanted so bad to be that breastfeeding family. NOPE! Not in the cards for this kid. Shayna was hot off an intense delivery. I mean, intense. Not relevant at this point. She’s hormonal like she’s never experienced and Saylor won’t latch on. I’m trying to show her but kid won’t pay attention. (Step back, we know so much more now than then, so our approach would have been different, but this is what we did) we decided to go and buy a really nice breast pump so Saylor Rose could still have breast milk. We tried the bottle and that’s the only way she’d eat. We’d go back and forth trying to nurse. Never liked the boob.

I tell you this to frame where we were with our parenting. Clueless.

Enter sleep training. Sleep training, such a shitty term. You don’t train kids to sleep. You can’t. They sleep when they want. That’s how babies work. We didn’t know that. We got so wrapped up in making sure she was on a tight sleep scheduled and stressed us out for a long time. Night time sleeping (I know doesn’t exist.) I remember vividly the night we decided to go hippy crunchy and not come out of it.  We were attempting the ‘cry it out’ method because we were unsure of what else to try to get her to be independent and self soothe and all the other bullshit our western world puts kids through. Shayna was in tears and I  only wanted to rescue my baby that was crying, losing her mind in her crib.  

All that is cosleeping is so simple. Baby sleeps in your bed or in a co-sleeper(for those worried about rolling onto your baby) we had to save her. We tried the first night and she slept so amazing and so did we. Never went back. Now, it was still difficult because she didn’t nurse, but Shayna will, I’m sure go over how she pumped for a year and how Saylor had breast milk available to her past her first birthday. Our second child, Evelyn nursed from an hour old until like 3 months ago. Her choice to stop. She turns two in a few weeks. That made her sleeping as an infant way easier. She’s already in bed with us, (we had a co-sleeper as a back up) hungry? Shay would turn over and nurse and both lady’s could enjoy some much needed rest. Saylor and Ev are 20 months apart. Saylor Rose still slept in our bed when Evelyn was born. That was okay with us. Most other cultures have children sleep in the parent’s bed until age 3. That’s when they feel confident and safe to transition into a full night sleep in their own bed. Now Saylor Rose is smarter than the average 3 1/2 year old. Parents bias or not. We got her a big girl bed to see if she’d like to try it around age two. And she fully understood at any point in the night she could come in our bed. And she did. Almost every night. And that was okay with us. She won’t when she’s 17.  So we’ve journeyed with the eye opening experience of sharing our bed with our kids. *gasp* It’s been rewarding and I love when Saylor Rose crawls into bed at 330 am because she had a bad dream and grabs onto me and hugs me and says ‘dad, I love you.’ (She stopped calling me daddy at like 20 months old. Wtf) best ever. 


Made us more creative. But never came close to ruining it. Hence our third child is 8 weeks from being born. 

The way we did it may not work for you. So, figure out what does. CIO may have been easy for you. I don’t judge. I hold different views but whatever. Do what works for you. I did. And still will.